back in 2016 when my kids were still shorter than I. henry (now 17) & elliot (now 14)

after 25 years of advertising, industrial & brand design, I’m taking everything I’ve learned and going back to the beginning.

we are all born with an unconditional love spark in our hearts...a sugarlump. over time we begin to doubt our true selves, and our sugarlump gets lost. our internal compass gets off course and it takes a long time to get it back on track, if we ever do.

I have been busy working with amazing brands like nike and target, and companies like wieden+kennedy and gallagher designs.* I am beyond grateful for what I have learned and the incredible people I have met. but my sugarlump keeps talking to me.

building a kindness brand

I am taking my exceptional BFFs with me on my journey-philanthropists, collaborators, architects, builders…women. we are connecting with people who have helped get us here. men & women who are doing what they love and making life better every day–thinkers, planners, artists. but most importantly, we are taking our children on our kindness journey, because we are all in this together.

I would love nothing more than for you to join us on our ADVENTURE IN KINDNESS. The time has come.

kids are loving and kind, compassionate & all-knowing right from the beginning. mixed with their growing confidence and strong voices as they honor themselves and each other, they are the most powerful force we have. let’s help them build an amazing future and let their innocent sugarlumps enlighten us all.


*project specifics available on request.