Sugarlump™ was born 12 years ago along with my daughter, Elliot. (Henry was Angel Face, but that's another story.) I didn’t think I could love her more than I did when we first met, but every day there is something new, something more to admire, something to appreciate, and something for me to remember from the magic of little girl-ness–glitter, unicorns, rainbows, making cupcakes, coloring contests, roller skating rinks, soccer practice, getting just the right bell-bottom jeans with the perfect comb for the back pocket... I have come full circle with her, and have been given a chance to do it all again alongside my little best friend. 

Sugarlump comes from everything I loved (and didn’t like very much at all) about being a girl. It originated from my wishes to change how girls relate to each other by doing all of the things they love to do-together. I want to create a Sugarlump™ generation of empowered, sweet, inclusive girls who turn into sensational women. The kind who help build each other up celebrating their unique gifts, quirks and theories (the crazier the better) instead of the contrary. I think about the global solutions that may have arisen if this had always been the case–with no time lost in negativity toward one another, where collaboration grew in love and kindness. The world would look different today.

I have SO many incredible little girl memories, but also some sad ones. Being the target of a mean girl in the fourth grade led me to create an imagined world of kindness, and it became my mission to give joy others. I developed characters of kids in my class doing what made them happy, and shared my creations by passing them out–old-fashioned, ruled paper, intricately folded note-style when the teacher wasn’t looking. This brought real big smiles that matched the characters’, and little by little I was engrossed in the ripple effect that creating kindness brings. I made friends with everyone–appreciating all of our idiosyncrasies, specialties and magic. I created bonds by sharing joy in something as simple as a little note–a world that took sadness and isolation away by delivering a little bit of love. This is what I want to share. I want to deliver kindness.

After college I found my people at Wieden+Kennedy. The "Studio" was the heart and soul of the agency, and the energy was infectious. It was built around the collaboration tables in the center. It had every kind of art supply, printer, binding machine, cutting mat, light table, coloring tool, pen, paper and board. There were special drawers with a million creative surprises inside. I was in heaven immediately. The hands-on collaboration happened in the middle and around the edges were work stations with the best computer technology in the industry-state-of-the-art computers, the biggest monitors, and every program or tool anyone needed to create absolute magic. In designing the Sugarlump Factory, it is in this spirit. It's about collaboration and the hands-on building of whatever we can dream up. It's laughing and sharing and creating while we invent, create and conquer! It's working as a team while we laugh hysterically, play, tell funny stories about our lives, and look forward to every day as soon as we wake up. I realize that every job I have had, every interaction, every experience, every bit of advice has led me to this point. My A-ha moment has changed my life and has made everything click for me. It is the most amazing feeling and I want everyone to have it!

Let’s relive what we loved about being a girl by giving ours a platform from which to be phenomenal. Together we can help them create a a world full of happiness, joy and kindness where they can share thoughts and ideas and work together. We can help them (and ourselves) design real world projects and experiences in tandem with their digital world to share sugarlump strategies.

Let's help our girls create a Sugarlump™ movement for a world we want to live in. They have the answers, the questions and the insight-and with our help they have the experience. Girls are loving and kind, compassionate and empathetic right from the beginning. They are born little bundles of joy with a perfect love and sweetness built right in–a spark of unconditional love…a sugarlump.