we partnered with neighborhood boutiques, restaurants and iconic lake oswego businesses to create 5,000 acts of kindness where kids & families are rewarded for their acts.

our augmented reality sugarlump app let’s kids use social media for good. scanning a co-branded sticker triggers a video-mercial where characters announce the sponsored kindness challenge. when you complete your challenge, follow the instructions for a treat!

zupan’s markets example:

explore beautiful lake oswego and find hidden kindness challenges!

HINT: All stickers are 4” circles, and each has a sugarlump somewhere on it. After you download the app, use your camera inside the app to watch the video. You will learn about the kindness challenge and when you complete it, you will be rewarded by the sponsor of that challenge. If you have any questions, contact Have fun! XOXO


How to Use the Sugarlump App:


  • Menu Button

    • we are sugarlump (video)

    • visit our website (link)

    • kindness adventure

    • how to use the Augmented Reality (AR) camera (landing page)

  • Shop Button - push to link to website shopping page and see all the fun sugarlump merchandise

  • AR Camera Button - push and point at sugarlump stickers for a special video message on how to take the “act of kindness challenge.” Focus and hold the phone camera above the sticker. Scan in and out until it focuses and hold the phone steady while the video image emerges, loads and plays. Watch the video message to learn about your challenge.

  • Backpack Button – push to see all the challenges on each of the sponsor’s backpacks

    • Select the backpack that matches your challenge sticker.

    • Once you have completed your challenge, use the special backpack camera to take a picture of your “act of kindness challenge.”

    • Press the green checkmark button when you are satisfied that your picture best captures the “act of kindness challenge”… it will be posted along with your certificate of accomplishment in your trophy case.

    • Press the trophy button in your sponsor’s backpack challenge to show the sponsor your completed “act of kindness challenge.”

    • VERY IMPORTANT ONLY HAVE THE SPONSOR press the redeem button in your Trophy case to receive your special prize. ONCE PRESSED it will then VOID the challenge, showing that you received that special prize from that sponsor! Be sure to check your backpack landing screen for new challenges and sponsors every week.

  • Back Button – returns to previous page



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heather, the creator of dub box USA built us the sweetest “sugarlump dinky dub” and we can’t WAIT to show it to you! she is so incredibly talented and we had the BEST day at her shop in aurora, oregon planning and designing our dub!